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MomentX Metaverse provide a Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) solution to power your business in virtual world fast, cheap and easy.
Start your free Virtual world business in Momentx Metaverse today.

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Fast, Start It Now

You don’t need any programmers or designers to start your business in the Metaverse. You can start it now by just a few clicks.

Flexible Price Plan

Start your simple and low cost metaverse with subscription price plan. You can adjust your metaverse anytime by your need.

VR & Web3 Ready

We support multiple blockchains and top NFT marketplaces. Optimized with Meta Quest devices. Start your web3 & VR metaverse is never that easy.

About usMetaverse as a Service

Our mission is to onboard existing business into metaverse.
We provide a Metaverse as a Service (MaaS) solution to power your business in virtual world fast, cheap and easy.

MaaSHow to Start

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Sign up and try our Demo

Register now to receive your personal space for FREE! Please follow the steps in our Medium article to succcessfully download and setup your MomentX Metaverse.

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Choose your plan

Compare and select a plan that best fits your needs, then press the “Contact us” button for further assistant.

Start and enjoy
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Start and enjoy

Start and enjoy your business in MomentX Metaverse, feel free to contact your personal metaverse consultant any time.

MaaSSolution Details


Web3 Membership System

  • Blockchains
  • Wallets
  • NFT
  • marketplace
  • Crypto currencies
  • In-metaverse transaction

AI & Web3 Powered Virtual Human

  • Virtual assistance
  • AI NPC with GPT-3
  • Web3 support
  • Translator
  • 24h with no safety issue
  • Payment mediator

MR Spaces

  • Fast launch your AR/VR/MR space
  • Multi-players
  • Intuitive  gesture recognition  system

Video Showcase

ReviewsOur Partners Say

Numbers Protocol

The Metaverse created by MomentX represents ideas, interactions, and workds of art from different sources and creators. The immersive experience of MomentX is beyond the ordinary metaverse world!


Numbers Protocol

Strike Industries

Strike Industries is excited to join MomentX. Together, we will unleash the unlimited possibilities in the Meta World.

Simon Lee

Strike Industries


The partnership between C-Cubed and MomentX will empower Web3.0 entrepreneurs for better growth from strategic planning to launch.



Our NewsOur Latest news

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MomentX Metaverse to Showcase AI Virtual Assistant at Taipei Smart City Expo

MomentX Metaverse is pleased to announce our participation in the Taipei Smart City Expo on March 28th at the Nangang Exhibition Center. At this event, we will be presenting our latest technological innovation, the AI Virtual Assistant, which integrates three cutting-edge technologies, namely AI artificial intelligence, the latest virtual human technology from Hollywood’s visual effects company, and the latest public chain in the blockchain industry.

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MomentX Metaverse Selected by Google Project Hatcher in October 2022 and Wharton Cypher Accelerator in January 2023!

MomentX Metaverse is proud to announce that we were selected by the Google Project Hatcher in October 2022 and Wharton Cypher Accelerator in January 2023.

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Alpacadabraz & Gentle Panther NFT exhibition Powered by MomentX

Starting from the art competition of the two web3.0 communities, the NFTs combine two different animals, the leopard and the alpaca. Find harmony in the conflict, let the community express ...

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Art Revolution Taipei 2022’s NFT Gallery Metaverse Powered by MomentX

In the MomentX metaverse, you are able to decorate your own metaverse space using your own NFT freely. In the future, you will be able to buy and sell your NFT art in MomentX Metaverse.

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Numbers Protocol Partners with MomentX Metaverse to Build a more Robust Web3.0 Ecosystem

Our partnership means that we will integrate the Capture App Netwrok Action into the MomentX metaverse. An Online space will be set up on MomentX for Numbers Protocol.

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