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Onboard Existing Business to Metaverse


Web3 Metaverse for Business

Increase revenue and seize next great business opportunity

New Customer

Better CRM

New Business in Virtual World

Better product liquidity

New Branding & Marketing Strategy

Better way to tell your story


Difficult and expensive to build metaverse

Difficult to Build

Require lots of different experts

Time Consuming

Take months to build


Cost a lot of money to build from scratch

Onboard existing business into metaverse: cheap, fast, easy with flexibility.MomentX MaaS

Lower Cost

No need to hire your own professional developers

Faster Development

Build with fast and easy modularized tools

Much Flexible

Start anytime, stop anytime

Infrastructures are ready nowMomentX MaaS

Web3 ready

  • Support multiple blockchains, wallets and marketplaces.
  • Connect to web3 ecosystems just in couple minutes.
  • Fast import all types of NFTs to your metaverse.

Supported Chains

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Tezos
  • Flow
  • ThunderCore

MaaS Product and Service


Everything can become digital art

  • Customized interaction with NFT
  • NFT collection showroom
  • Buy and sell of NFT (in development)

Personal Room

Show everyone your NFTs

  • Interact with NFT
  • Personal NFT collection showcase
  • A place to present your imagination
Personal Room


Branding in metaverse

  • Fully customized matching your brand’s CIS
  • New way of marketing and branding
  • Combine virtual world with real world
  • Build your web3.0 community


Metaverse commerce

  • In development, will go live in Q1, 2023
  • M-Commerce,a new way of shopping
  • Not only NFT,but also products in real life
  • NFT collection showroom

Our Team

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James Lee

Founder & CEO

  • Founder & CEO of MomentX and TripMoment
  • Co-founder of TAVAR (Taiwan Association for Virtual and Augmented Reality)
  • 8+ Years VR gaming design & interactive design experience
Member image.

Dr. Ju-Chun Ko


  • Co-founder and blockchain consultant of SELF TOKEN
  • Binance’s top 100 NFT creators
  • Certified digital assets creator and collector of leading platform such as OpenSea, Rarible and KnownOrigin
  • Early pioneer in both the blockchain and NFT space
Member image.

Chris Chen

Operation Manger & BD Head

  • Entrepreneur, managing multi - million dollars investment portfolio
  • Successful startup experience covered by TECO in Vietnam
  • Successfully closed 20 million dollars real estate deal
  • Crypto project Dappio Wonderland’s early angel investor
  • Crypto Quantitative Trader / Researcher
  • Crypto early investor
Member image.

William Chen


  • Developed and published over 50+ titles on mobile platforms using Unity since 2009
  • Leader of a 30+ member mobile game team
  • The developed games received over 20 million downloads worldwide and has been featured 50+ times on Microsoft store
  • Achieved No. 1 in Google Play Store TWICE
  • Selected as a member of 2020 - 2022 Google G-Player One Project
  • Received over 10,000 reviews with an average of 4.5 stars or above in Google Play / iOS


  • AKAS
  • OwlTing
  • Blocto
  • Strike
  • ubitus
  • ThuderCore
  • c-Cubed
  • ReBorno
  • Numbers

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